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People have a visual memory for these individual sounds, then you remember the pronunciation of the whole.''If you take a word like the, we don't seem to process that letter by letter. In the book there's a test called the e-deletion test, and for native English speakers the e in the is more or less invisible.''In fact, there are rather few Cooks without an e on the end - one in five according to my phone book - so there is a sort of rule that if you've got an ordinary noun you either add a silent e to make it a surname or very often you double the consonant, so Hogg gets a double g.

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The contraction of words into vowel-free abbreviations serves an ostensibly practical function but also demonstrates the adaptability of the English language.

''I think 'c u l8r 4 t' is my favourite example,'' says Cook. I counted the number of strokes you need to do those things on a phone compared to normal spelling and they take more because they're more difficult to reach on the little keyboard.

The other side, which I'm trying to promote, is how fascinating it is that there are systems and rules to spelling, but people have been enormously inventive with it in the past few years.

I want people to think about spelling more than learn it.'' Cook doesn't believe our spelling has become worse.

However, Cook has a cautiously liberal attitude towards spelling.

His new book, Accomodating Brocolli in the Cemetary: or why can't anybody spell?National Sales and Marketing Manager of Kawasaki Motors, Robert Walker, recognises the potential of Matt Moss aboard the highly advanced KX450F saying, “We are extremely excited to welcome Matt Moss into the Kawasaki family.Our new KX450F will be a perfect fit for the Australian title holder and we are expecting great things from Matt.”Matt Moss and the NPE Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing team will follow an intensive training schedule between now and the 2016 MX Nationals which is due to start in April next year.Whenever I enter a race or championship, the aim is to win and I feel like that’s exactly what I’m going to,” said Matt.“There aren’t any challenges at this stage. The balance, lightness and power is absolutely amazing.Obviously we have a lot of time for testing and preparing the bike and myself but at this stage it all feel really good and I’m happy with it.”“I’ve ridden on a team with Troy before and he helped me out a lot so I’m sure I’ll work really well with the team.It took 17 keystrokes and seven with normal spelling.'' How we choose to spell may have changed in recent years, but the way in which we learn to spell has not.''According to the theory, there are two ways in which we spell in English,'' says Cook.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Kawasaki Motors is pleased to confirm that Matt Moss has joined the factory NPE Monster Energy Kawasaki racing team and will compete in the 2016 MX Nationals as well as the Australian Supercross Championships., details a few basic rules about spelling, while encouraging creativity.It's like Lynne Truss's Eats, Shoots & Leaves, except it's about spelling instead of punctuation and is permissive rather than tyrannical.


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