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I have had a contact with Diana Drozdova ([email protected]) for about 2 month. I sent it 30 december 2003 by the "Western Union" - system.

The contact was very good and very promising until she asked if I could help her with 280 dollars. Over the last year she took a trip to the United States, enough money to live well on, a diamond ring, and a fur coat from me under the pretense of being engaged, planning to come here to marry, while she was seeing several other men, taking money and jewelry, and proposing marriage to them.

But where in the world do these scammers get their distribution lists, and how did you become a target?

Some of the more prolific spammers rely on bots that crawl millions of Web sites and “scrape” addresses from pages.

But, the sender probably got your name from a wholesale list-seller, and not from a trusted friend.

Of course, you know enough not to reply to these, don’t you?When I found her listed on 5 dating sites in November, she denied any knowledge and said a friend who had her email password must have been involved.Her email and phone number were there for a year, so of course she was guilty.But there’s a cybercrime-friendly booking service that is not well-known.When cyber crooks want to get away — with a crime — increasingly they are turning to underground online booking services that make it easy for crooks to rent hacked PCs that can help them ply their trade anonymously.Whatever the ruse, the senders always claim to need your help in spiriting away millions of dollars.These schemes, known as “419,” “advance fee” and “Nigerian letter” scams seemingly have been around forever and are surprisingly effective at duping people.Others turn to sellers on underground cybercrime forums.Additionally, there are a handful of open-air markets where lists of emails are sold by the millions.If you don’t care whether spammers have your address and you’re not easily spooked, you might be interested in following the folks over at, a group of activists who not only track the 419 scammers but attempt to turn the tables on them.My favorite sections of that site are the 419 Eater Hall of Shame and the Letters area. …When it’s time to book a vacation or a quick getaway, many of us turn to travel reservation sites like Expedia, Travelocity and other comparison services.


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