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Black women were born with two strikes against them: being black and being a woman. It is because of the black women’s strength, elegance, power, love and beauty that I could date anyone except my black Queen.It is not just the outer beauty that captivates and draws me to them.

I graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in Atlanta, Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management.

I have a good job at a major corporation and have recently purchased a house.

This nigga Quincy Jones deadass said Stevie Wonder used to cross the street, count his change, shop without help & would only turn blind & walk into walls when bitches came around....

Bruh LMAOOO— MAAD DA GOD (@Ahmaadnyc) May 18, 2018Suns Open to No.

I just want to set the record straight of why black men date white women.

Back in the day, one of the biggest reasons why black men dated white women was because they were considered easy.

Brothers like Ahmad Rashad, Denzel Washington, Michael Jordan, Morris Chestnut, Will Smith, Blair Underwood, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Samuel L.

Jackson, and Chris Rock all married strong black women And, to flip the script, there are numerous white men, in and out of the spot light, who openly or secretly desire black women over white women.

Remember, when black Egyptian Queens like Hatsepshut and Nitorcris were ruling Dynasties and armies of men in Egypt, you were over in the caves of Europe eating raw meat and beating each other over the head with clubs. It was the black woman that taught you how to cook and season your food.

It was the black woman that taught you how to raise your children.


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