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This is becoming a period of ongoing difficulty, frustration, and peril for Trump, bringing increasing legal entanglements, challenges, and embarrassments, as well as the FBI scrutiny of his consigliere Michael Cohen, Trump’s Mafioso-like “fixer.” The Saturn transit here suggests that any impulsive or exaggerated responses to any situation will have an adverse impact.Ideally, Trump’s attitude and actions should be thoughtful, measured, and cautious, but these traits seem almost oxymoronic when used in the conjunction with Donald Trump.

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In any event, any military action up to April 26 will also be under this Saturn aspect in Trump’s chart and should be done with the utmost caution and care.

Otherwise, major complications and trouble are sure to follow into early May.

It was always pitched in education as the enemy of democracy and that only capitalism was compatible with true democracy. would not pardon him against Cheney’s wishes as was said on the last thread. “But it might change the lives or convictions of people whom President Trump does know: his own personal firewall. action=click&pgtype=Homepage&click Source=story-heading&module=opinion-c-col-left-region®ion=opinion-c-col-left-region&WT.nav=opinion-c-col-left-region You will note that the military strike came with the exact Jupiter/Pluto/US Mars yod at 21degrees~23minutes, give or take a minute.

After watching some of Wolff’s podcast it seems clear to me that unfettered capitalism is the true enemy of democracy. What I think he has most made me understand is there are so many different forms of both capitalism and socialism, that it is impossible to make broad statements about either. I hope this means you are feeling better and doing well. It speaks well for George even if he was stupid and corrupt in other ways that I consider just as bad as Trump (or almost). I also got an overwhelming sense of John Bolton’s fingerprints on the first part of Trump’s speech last night (maybe three minutes).

But the basic idea of ED is to get away from state control or from the control of any economic elites, to put the means of production into the hands of the actual workers.

Dairy farmers as an example don’t need some bureaucratic, soviet style commissar to tell them how to run their business.

Eliseo: Below is a tweet from David Hogg, one of the young people leading the movement for gun control.

“We all have different opinions and beliefs but at the end of the day we are only going to be able to save lives by working together.

Generally, Marxists don’t take into consideration the spiritual dimension.

I don’t know where Wolff stands in relation to such ideas.


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