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Every day, the site kept updating the expected delivery date from May 22 to May 23, 24.Trusting, perhaps naively in UPS’ own website to provide him with accurate information.When you allow Deliveries to access your Calendar app, estimated delivery dates will also appear as an event.

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When you have a tracking number already on your i Phone or i Pad's clipboard, it will automatically show up in the form when you add a package to track.

If you sign into your Amazon account and add an order number, Deliveries will keep you updated on packages that haven't even shipped yet.

But after a few days of no deliveries, he contacted the shipping company to see what’s going on.

Benjamin’s attempts to get UPS to look into the problem were somewhat fruitless, as — even though he’d paid the retailer a hefty shipping charge — it was the retailer who paid that money on to UPS.

Some people even do all of their holiday shopping online, which can really make it difficult to remember which packages you've already received and which ones are still on the way.

If you're looking for a way to make sure all of your orders make it to your front door on time, check out these awesome package tracking apps.It's amazing to see items you've purchased years ago (I don't even remember some of the stuff I ordered).If something on your past purchases list qualifies for a refund, Slice will let you know.But, if you don't order a lot of stuff online all at once, Parcel works great within its limitations.If you want unlimited package tracking, as well as notifications, you can upgrade for .99 per year.Amazon will reject Ship Station's shipment notifications if you create too many individual shipping labels in a short period of time. When you visit Ship Station's Shipments tab and search for the order(s) that weren't updated in Amazon Seller Central, you may notice the associated shopping cart icons are red.If you click on a red shopping cart icon, you'll see a pop-up like the following: ​ The message "Request is throttled" indicates Amazon received more shipment notifications from your account than allowed in a 30-minute period.Unfortunately, unless someone at “Brown” notices this error, it’s up to the person or business paying for that shipment to tell UPS about it.Take for an example the story of Consumerist reader Benjamin, who spent several days in late May wondering why the UPS website kept saying his package was “Out for Delivery” but was not being delivered.If you're interested in the technical details, check out Amazon's technical documentation.Online shopping is a very convenient way to buy the things you want without having to leave the house.


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