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The demand is so high in South Korea that 20% of the dog meat is now imported from China.

It is hard to believe that a nation such as South Korea, which is one of the major economic powers and boasts one of the highest education levels in the world, is still continuing to commit this type of barbaric brutality in this day and age.

Their eardrums are often burst to prevent them from barking.

In broad daylight, often in front of other live dogs, they are electrocuted, hanged, beaten or burnt to death.

Many dogs are sadistically made to experience extreme fear and suffering prior to death.

Cats are frequently boiled alive to make tonics believed to treat rheumatism.

Over 40% of dog bite victims locally are age 14 and under, mirroring national trends.

In addition, Animal Shelter records show that nearly 70% of bites in Kent County last year were from dogs that had not been neutered.

At the Kent County Animal Shelter we work very hard to reunite lost pets with their owners.

We admit stray animals at the shelter and hold them while trying to locate their owners.


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