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I wanted him to cum then, and told him so but he said, "No, not yet.Not here." I didn't give up though, and my head was still in his lap as we pulled into my driveway.Since I've been 16 I've loved doing this for some reason, sucking a guy off while we're riding in the car.

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I grabbed the waistband of his shorts, and pulled it slowly down. His cock was beautiful, circumcised, about 6" long and a very nice thickness. Holding his stiffness at the base, I leaned across the seats and lowered my head into his lap.

I remember thinking this was the perfect cock for me to suck as I took it into my mouth, slowly circling my tongue around the head.

Concentrating on licking and sucking the head of his cock, I begain to firmly stroke him in my hand, then took him as deep as I could, since this is kind of an awkward position.

Stroking him again, I could feel him stiffen further, and increased the speed of my strokes and sucking harder on the head.

I did my hair and makeup, glued on some nails and painted my toenails.

Standing in front of the mirror, I realized my nipples and panties could be seen through the dress and thought of changing, but decided I could tolerate being self-conscious about that.

She might have known what was up, because when she looked at me, she flashed me a smile.

Andy put his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him as we walked to his car, and I laid my head on his shoulder.

I thanked them for helping me get ready for my date.

I showered, and got dressed, putting on a black dress with silver threading in it with a black lace shawl, no bra, black satiny bikinis, dark thigh highs and black toeless heels.


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