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Depending on which side of the story you believe, three members of this team — none of whom are at Shooters tonight — may or may not have raped a black twenty-seven-year-old single mother hired to strip for a frat party in March, at the start of spring break. Since the story broke in March, lacrosse parents have descended upon Durham in support of their sons, joining forces with a dozen or so lawyers representing members of the team — including Robert Bennett, who defended Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal, hired as a consultant.We're standing a bit away from the action, on a sweltering balcony overlooking the bar.A pretty, tomboyish twenty-one-year-old wearing jeans and a T-shirt, Sarah smiles, knowingly. She's undecided about the rape charges but is much more certain about the boys.Thus attired, they fall into one another, spilling drinks. Bad techno-rap music pulses, the dance floor throbs.Tom Wolfe, whose novel Away from this hedonistic stew, tucked in a corner of the bar, some of the men of the Duke University lacrosse team — the ones legally able to drink, anyway — are doing shots.Send news tips to [email protected] follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.n a night in late April, barely a month after the rape allegations that have rocked the campus of Duke University, the brothers of Delta Tau Delta, one of the school's top fraternities, are having a party at Shooters, a Durham, North Carolina, dive just south of the Duke campus. This is not just any fraternity party — it's a "foam party," a sweaty, alcohol-soaked bacchanalia that's a little like taking an enormous bubble bath with hundreds of strangers.Nona Farahnik, for example, a sophomore who lives in the Edens 2C dorm, decided to hang a huge banner reading we support Duke Lacrosse: Innocent until proven guilty out of her dorm window, after her friends and fellow dorm mates Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann were indicted on April 17th.Soon, Nona's girlfriends and a lot of women she didn't know followed suit, writing innocent until proven guilty on T-shirts, tank tops and baseball caps, which they wore across campus.The boys, they add, were the kinds of guys who could get any girl they wanted."They don't need to stoop to that level in order to have sex with somebody," one girl, a junior, tells me. We have come, as a culture, to see rape, or even the suspicion of rape, as a violent crime that usually elicits a huge outcry from women.


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