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actress Lisa Raye Mc Coy’s blossoming relationship with megachurch preacher, Bishop Noel Jones has been circulating for years now.

Luckily for nosy folks like us, it appears that we’ll be getting front row seats to the unlikely pair’s love affair when Oxygen debuts its new reality show, According to Always A List, attendees of the show’s private screening say that Jones and Mc Coy’s relationship is a huge part of the storyline and that they were very “taken back” by the duo’s courtship.

He was appointed CB in 1986, and yet was still only 56 years of age when preferred to the bishopric of Sodor and Man. He denied being a member of Forward in Faith, a conservative high-church grouping within the Church of England; but in retirement he did become embroiled in the controversy surrounding the episcopal (Anglican) diocese of San Joaquin in California.

In 2008 Bishop Schofield of San Joaquin sought to remove the diocese from the jurisdiction of what he perceived as the excessively liberal Episcopal Church of the United States, and align it with the more conservative churches of the American southern cone.

He is, however, ex officio a member of the legislative council of the island's parliament, the Tynwald, and very much the Lord Bishop.

This was a role which Jones's senior naval experience equipped him not only to fulfil with natural authority but also to defend robustly whenever the bishop's membership of the Tynwald came into question.

He made sure he was seen out and about in his purple cassock, even when visiting the supermarket; yet he successfully balanced his wider public role with a lively, caring, pastoral ministry, especially to his clergy.

Much as a ship's commanding officer should care for the conditions of his crew, Jones would personally inspect a parsonage and ensure that it was in fit condition before a new incumbent moved in.


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