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When it was completed the last of the nine towers was called Scrivanato. The inhabitants of Stari Grad did not move into the new town very quickly and besides people many of the decorative elements of the older settlement were also transferred to the new one.

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Castrum - to je današnji Kaštel i kuće oko njega, na visokoj i strmoj litici koja se ruši do dna ponornice u koju utječe Pazinčica (Fojba). Građanski se Pazin širio s jugozapadne strane prema Pazinčici, a s istočne na Buraju, a kasnije i na platou prema župnoj crkvi Sv. Pazin je, zajedno s Istrom, potpao pod Italiju 1919. In the postwar era, Pazin revived as a cultural, commercial and political centre of Central Istria.

Pazin se kao grad razvijao oko Kaštela koji je podignut u l X. Današnji mu izgled potječe od sačuvanih dijelova koji su nastajali od Xlll. It flourished as an educational centre for all of Istria.

The karstic kitchen with its open hearth also represents a challenge to modern planning of dwellings.

This town is the seat of the Istrian "županija" (regional administrative unit in Croatia), is mentioned by Oton's Charter (983) endowing the bishop from Parentium with Castrum Pisini.

The heritage of architecture and dwelling culture in the Karst area offers the most uniform appearance as compared with the rest of Slovenia. A dominating feature of the outer space including the courtyard is a stone well.

the stone, to a special type of more gently slanting roofs covered with slates ("škrle", "škrli") or brick tiles, as well as courtyards ("borjači", "korte") surrounded by walls.It now has a Grammar School, Ethnographic Museum, Historic Archives of Istria, the Reuniting Hall, the People's University, the Juraj Dobrila Istrian literature society, etc. postaje središte školstva za Istru, a time i kulturno, gospodarsko i političko središte srednje Istre.U njemu danas djeluju gimnazija, Etnografski muzej, Povijesni arhiv Istre, Dom sjedinjenja, Narodno sveučilište, Istarsko književno društvo "Juraj Dobrila" i druga društva.In a donation dating from 1071 the Croatian King Petar Krešimir l V fatefully divided the isle of Pag between Rab and Nin, mentioning old Caska and also a new name for the island - Pag.Stari Grad (Pag) obviously already existed and its role in the fate of the island, in the constant bloody wars between Pag and Zadar and Zadar and Venice, constantly increased.Today, the salt pans of Sečovlje are a professionally organized and protected area of the natural environment on the Slovenian coast.They represent an open-air museum of older forms of economic activity - the production of salt.Extraordinary is also the richness of large foraminifers, several of which were first found here.One of these fossils is the sphaeric fusulinid Schwagerina carniolica (Kahler & Kahler) - the Carniolian Schwagerina which was discovered in black limestone at the second turn of the road in the Dolžan Gorge, and described as new species in 1937. The animal lived about 280 million years ago, at the time when in the warm ancient sea the Lower Permian Pseudoschwagerina limestone was deposited.The world known palaeontological locality in the Dolžan Gorge above Tržič offers to the visitor an inexhaustible wealth of various Lower Permian fossils.Solely the brachiopods amount to about 80 distinct species, and among these more than 20 species are new, first discovered and described from this locality.


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