Bronagh waugh and kieron richardson dating

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actor Kieron Richardson has expressed his delight over co-star Bronagh Waugh's new drama project.

All characters were introduced by the show's executive producer Bryan Kirkwood.

In January, Kevin Foster made his debut screen appearance.

The following month saw the arrivals of Nate Tenbury-Newent and Trudy Ryan, played by former East Enders actress Danniella Westbrook.

Anna Blake was the only character to be introduced in March.

Kieron recently told the “But that really is the only traditional thing we are doing.

I’ve had this image in my head of how I want it to be.” And it seems the guests enjoyed the nuptials as much as the newlyweds, with Jorgie Porter tweeting: “WEDDING DAY !!!!

Dripping in opulent sequins and with backless detail to boot, this gown is a serious head-turner at any event (not to mention there being no chance of clashing with the bride).

It's by Nadine Merabi, who also dressed fellow guests Nikki Sanderson and Anna Passey for the big day - clearly a fave with the soap star crew!

November saw the appearances of Fraser's other daughter Grace and enemy Ray Mc Cormick.

On 14 January 2013, Balchin tweeted that he had joined the cast.


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