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This extract from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is my favourite part of the seventh book; it might even be my favourite part of the entire series, and in it, Harry demonstrates his truly heroic nature, because he overcomes his own terror to protect the people he loves from death, and the whole of his society from tyranny.will be launched at a tea party at 4pm on 4th December 2008 at the National Library of Scotland.Also, she loved writing as Dumbledore again, and is still writing, but won't say what she is working on.

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It also has information on Jo's first novel for adults The Casual Vacancy which will be published on 27th September 2012.

Pottermore opens The Pottermore site opened to everyone on 14th April 2012.

In it Jo reveals that the inspiration to publish Beedle the Bard came from the fans, saying "There was quite a lot of high feeling from Harry Potter fans that only someone who had two million pounds could afford to read the book.

I thought 'fair point', so I thought 'I'll publish it and then the charity can have that money too'." She also reveals that she gave Ron her own fear of spiders, which is also shared by the actor who plays Ron in the films, Rupert Grint.

Mugglenet have a translation of Jo's acceptance speech (which was in French), in which she talks of her great-grandfather who also received this honour, and explains that she chose a French name for Voldemort to evoke both power and exoticism, though Voldemort is actually 100% English. She reveals that the longest story she wrote at the age of eleven was about seven cursed diamonds, and there are echoes of it in Harry Potter, her least favourite subject was chemistry, which is why potions is taught in the dungeons with a nasty teacher, and her favourite authors when she was young include Elizabeth Goudge, for Paul Gallico, and E.

Nesbit, who wrote a very funny book of fairy tales, which she would recommend to someone who liked Beedle the Bard.

The site provides an online experience to accompany the Harry Potter books (currently only for the first book) and includes new information from Jo, including background information on the Dursleys and some of the teachers.

Magazine There is a new interview of Jo in the Words with Jam magazine, where she discusses books she read as a child, life-changing books, books she re-reads, her priorities for her use of time, her opinions on e-books and how she uses them herself, and her secret talents.

where she writes about collaborating with Steve Kloves as he worked on the screen play for the Harry Potter movies, including their first meeting where he revealed his favourite character is Hermione, and how much he understood the characters in their subsequent email discussions over the years.

The full article can be read in the online copy of the magazine.


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