Change ftp password updating

This time, however, it's not working anymore in any way.

I upload the file with the same name and it looks like it overwrites the old one, but the size of the file doesn't change.

webhosting providers) will have another method for changing a password (typically via their web site).

First off, this has nothing to do with permissions, I already checked that. Any time I try to update a plugin, I get this dialog: I went overboard and allowed all permissions (-rw-rw-rw-) on all files, and You're right in that this does not have to do with permissions.

In January of 2009 Datarealm updated its security policy.

Please note the following key points: 1) Datarealm technical support can no longer see your password.

Note: The Password Reset Tool will launch in a pop-up window.

If you have a pop-up blocker turned on, you may need to adjust your browser settings to allow pop-ups.

When I open the site on the browser (I've been testing in Chrome and Firefox and already cleaned their caches many times since then, and still nothing happens) and look at the source code, it shows the new code with the modification, but even so the site is still the same old one.

When I open the file directly from Filezilla it also shows the modified file, but the file size doesn't change.


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