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The selection of leaked material we publish here today shows how the Discord server run by Unite The Right organizers, including Eli Mosley and Jason Kessler, was used to openly celebrate and incite violence.The chat logs also show how white supremacist groups collaborated on shared symbolism (mostly avoiding swastikas and embracing other less known, more media-friendly, fascist imagery), and distributed memes and talking points as part of an organized propaganda operation.So, now put all your stigmas aside and plunge into an ocean of fun and online flirt!

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The contents of a Discord chat server called “Charlottesville 2.0,” used by organizers and attendees of Unite The Right to coordinate nearly all aspects of their quasi-paramilitary campaign, were leaked to Unicorn Riot by an anonymous source earlier this month.

Discord, a group communication platform first intended for team raids in video games, has recently been widely adopted by neo-fascist groups, whose members now often include extremely young men or boys who identify as gamers.Unite The Right event planners made sure to tell anyone who couldn’t make the event to support the “cyberstrike” which was to take place online alongside the Charlottesville rally.Other promotional materials in the channel include a meme of Ann Coulter advocating for death squads to be used in America, and various Nazi-appropriated versions of LGBTQ imagery (such as rainbow flags with swastikas).after the Unite The Right rally ended in failure on August 12 in Virginia.We are releasing another 428 screenshots from the main white supremacist chat server used to organize the Charlottesville rally, highlighting the web of far-right racist organizations involved and their extensive preparations for violence.Talk of stabbing antifascists was met with enthusiasm from many participants in the Unite The Right chat room, with one user, “Kurt – VA” quipping “impaling people is always the best.” Another Unite The Right attendee replied to this with a gruesome image of a field full of bodies impaled on stakes, and then called for this treatment to be extended to Muslims and refugees.Connecticut-based white nationalist Chris Liguria advised his comrades on how to bring protest sign materials that would double as clubs for “thumping”: The #promotion_and_cyberstrike channel features a lot of shared images used to publicly promote Unite The Right on social media.Charlottesville, VA – As white supremacist groups continue to hold “free speech” events in the wake of the deadly hit-and-run attack in Charlottesville, many elements of the self-named “alt-right” have come under increased scrutiny.Organizations have been refused service by web providers and payment processors.Many individuals are facing personal consequences at home and work.The insurgent neo-fascist movement is being repeatedly shamed, confronted, and rejected in the wake of the murder of Heather Heyer by neo-Nazi James Alex Fields, Jr.


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