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And it’s true because it’s on the internet and I Googled it. Side note: I love when they call my boy in the subtitles to make it look like Martin Scorsese is responsible for last week’s social edition episode. Solos went to Nia, Camryn and that little girl Maesi, who has the best D’oh smile evah. Laurieann Gibson has never been seen in public without a coffee cup. Laurieann has worked with Lady Gaga (…who they showed in a photo…) and Beyoncé, who they did not show in a photo because my Producer boy was so busy photobombing the Moms’ Teens Choice Awards Instagram videos that he forgot to get clearance from Jay Z. Laurieann’s goal was to bring out the best in the girls and break the robotic spell that Abby had placed on them over the years. The group routine was entitled “” and would involve the Big Girls walking two Minis on leashes, because why not.

Side note: I bet Ashlee has plenty of extra room on her SIM card for other celebrities now that she unfollowed me on Twitter, right?

) Programming Note: We’re not even remotely going in the correct episode order if you’re trying to find these bloops on your DVR. But that one didn’t really count, even though it did get a number of tweens pretty wound up and also scored Chloe her own 10 minute weekly TV show where she gets to eat cookies off her face like that dreamy guy from One Direction.#True Fact: This is how I fell asleep most nights when I was in college. Because Ashlee Allen has Beyoncé‘s choreographer’s cell phone on speed dial and you don’t.

#Cyber Spirit Animal Christi showed up wearing the same red coat that Jackie O wore in the Lifetime movie that’s on Netflix this month. If you’re a skimmer, the whole scene can be summed up in this one photo: Jill started screaming at Christi.

You can’t leave and come back and studio hop and still be an OG.

It was the long awaited return of Chloebird and my #Cyber Spirit Animal this week! After endlessly looped promos and pop-ups spliced into and onto that new So Sharp show you should totally be watching, Chloe Lukasiak, Mom Christi and the no-longer-a-baby Baby Clara finally made it back home to where they belong: Dance Moms.

And if you don’t know who Laurieann is…then Lawd Geezis, you better just Google it asap.

Look at Jill trying not to smack that thing right off her stupid head.

And headed into enemy territory across town at the Murrieta Dance Project.

But that was really only long enough for Holly to lose her noodle and Abby to begin a vegan Boy Toy diet that I don’t think is even legal in all 50 states.

Even though they kinda sorta made it back at the end of the first half of whatever number season this is now.


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