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Last year there were pictures (pics now removed but they were there I promise) taken where they had recipes stored underneath the bench tops to refer to.This was in a blog post titled Junior Masterchef how much smoke and mirrors should there be.

Production company Shine, also the brainchild of reality cooking juggernaut , said contestants did “get some information about the challenges in advance” but not recipes.

But the father, who cannot be identified because he signed a confidentiality agreement, said while the contestants were talented, their skills were groomed prior to the food being cooked.

To be fair to they do outline in their contract (see previous blog post here) that they are able to exploit your child.

However this is the first complaint from a parent from either season about how draining shooting the show is. I don’t think there’s any doubt that the playing field isn’t level, and some of the kids have taken lots of cooking lessons.

Meer informatie, zoals over hoe je je instellingen kunt aanpassen, vind je hier: cookiebeleid.

Kanye West has started dating Australian model Cheyenne Tozzi, according to reports.

“The kids act all surprised but they have had the recipes for weeks.

“While everything looks spontaneous, the reality is these kids have cooked the dishes 50 times.

She then joked: "He's too bloody old for me." Kanye West hoping to be godfather to Beyoncé, Jay-Z's child West was reportedly spotted kissing Mary-Kate Olsen at his 34th birthday party at a New York nightclub in June after splitting from model Amber Rose last year.

Since their relationship ended, Rose has claimed that she still "loves" West despite allegedly making a multi-million dollar "silence agreement" with him.


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