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I took no formal Chinese courses and until today, I had paid no money.

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All subscriptions are backed by a no-questions-asked refund guarantee. We try to get back to everyone who writes within about twenty-four hours.

The incident ended when the vehicle broke down in a traffic jam, giving us a much greater appreciation for the Beijing metro. Our Absolute Beginner lessons are designed for people with no previous experience in the language.

If you've already got some Chinese under your belt and want to move a bit faster, visit our lesson archives and explore our lessons at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. What you all have done with learning Chinese is absolutely wonderful, and deserves some type of Nobel Prize for language learning!

So once you've explored our site and know what we have to offer, please consider supporting our efforts. Please just be aware that we are operating on Beijing-time, so may be unavailable during the day if you live in North America or Europe.

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