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There are rumors (and again, I repeat, they are only rumors) that Blac Chyna is only saying she’s dating YBN Almighty Jay to score him some publicity.She’s reportedly actually dating Rich The Kid, and Rich the Kid is profiting off the attention to his artist, Jay.

The two had a very well-documented relationship and breakup, and she continues to grab headlines for suing him and his family.

As a result, many are thirsty to understand more of her new relationship.

Remember that Chyna only confirmed the two are dating by telling paps that they were “like, dating.” It’s not the strongest of endorsements.

But then again, I wouldn’t blame Chyna if she wanted to be a lot more private with her future relationships.

Cool.“I’m 18 years old, motherfuckers think I’m young as hell because I be fucking all these old hoes,” Jay said.

“I’m legal.”If you’re thinking that this whole thing is a little bit bizarre, you’re not alone.In a new interview with "I was searching on Christian Mingle and shit, and I seen her profile pop up and I'm like, ' This bitch is fire,'" Jay says.He then sent her a message through the app and she, well, responded.It just seems hard to believe that these two really met on that platform, but then again, stranger things have happened.If he’s trolling, well, that’s a pretty good troll.The every day routine, tiredness, lack of time and energy, makes it hard for us to find that perfect someone.Either it’s about the knight in shining armour or a princess, the search can take months, even years.Everyone is a little shy regardind the oposite sex.Using an online dating service, it should be easier to start a conversation with another person. But keep in mind that nice girls expect you to make the first move. In 1 Corinthians, Paul describes singleness as a “gift,” but that can be difficult for the unmarried man or woman who desires marriage to understand and accept.Ben Stuart, the executive director for Breakaway Ministries at Texas A&M University, examines this idea from Scripture and ways singles can honor the Lord and others with the way they steward their singleness.


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