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Charles V, rescinded the provision of the Diet of Speyer in 1526 that had allowed each ruler to choose whether to administer the Edict of Worms.On April 19, 1529, a protest against this decision was read on behalf of 14 free cities of Germany and six Lutheran princes who declared that the majority decision did not bind them because they were not a party to it and that if forced to choose between obedience to God and obedience to Caesar they must choose obedience to God.

Charles V, rescinded the provision of the Diet of Speyer in 1526 that had allowed each ruler to choose whether to administer the Edict of Worms.

In Germany the adherents of the Reformation preferred the name evangelicals and in France Huguenots.

The name was attached not only to the disciples of Martin Luther ( 1483–1546) but also to the Swiss disciples of Huldrych Zwingli (1484–1531) and later of John Calvin (1509–64).

This is the fifth time that an interreligious theme has been incorporated into an AJC-GCU trip.

Among the twenty young American leaders were nine Goldman Fellows who just completed nine-week summer fellowships at AJC offices around the world.

Protestants share an adherence to the centrality of scripture (both the Hebrew scriptures and the New Testament) as well as a doctrine of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Different Protestant denominations have to varying degrees maintained or rejected Roman Catholic forms of worship.Protestantism is one of the three major branches of Christianity, along with Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.It shares with all other Christians core beliefs in the doctrines of the Trinity and the divinity of Jesus, the necessity of grace to save humans from the consequences of sin, and the centrality of Jesus' death and resurrection for salvation.“Wittenberg is a particularly poignant place to have these conversations.” As part of their introduction to modern Germany, the young American Jews visited the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and Berlin’s Jewish Museum and Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, and met with representatives of the Bundestag and Foreign Office.AJC’s Lawrence and Lee Ramer Institute for German-Jewish Relations in Berlin was founded in 1998.Composed of hundreds of denominations with an expansive variety of doctrines, rituals, and religious practices, Protestantism formed from the split with Roman Catholicism during the Reformation in the 16 century.Led by Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others, the reformers broke from the Roman Catholic Church due to abusive ecclesiological structures and theological differences.The Protestant Reformation occurred against the background of the rich ferment of the late medieval church and society.It has been difficult for two reasons to gain a proper understanding of the relationship between the late Middle Ages and the Reformation.While in Wittenberg, the young Christians and Jews studied together with Jewish and Christian religious and academic leaders who presented on European medieval anti-Jewish church art; Luther’s anti-Jewish texts; the embrace of his teachings by modern anti-Semites; and recent Lutheran church texts that enunciated a clear positive change in attitudes towards Jews and Judaism.“Interreligious dialogue has special meaning when advanced in the context of the German-Christian milieu that includes both a history of persecution of Jews and the groundbreaking Christian-Jewish understanding of recent decades,” said Rabbi Noam Marans, AJC’s Director of Interreligious and Intergroup Relations, who led the AJC delegation and presented at the seminar.


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