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"We also had a guy from Kuwait who wanted to talk about sex with any young lady who'd give him the time of day," Magnuson said. "If you're going in with that attitude, you're setting yourself up for a fall." Some messages posted on Lutheran Online's singles site are poignant in their admissions of loneliness."Some of the born-again women--they were thinking they're going to convert him to Christianity." On a site for single Lutherans, where messages can be seen by all users, there is occasional do-it-yourself policing. "I am looking for a lifetime commitment from a man who believes strongly in God," wrote a woman called Amber.

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Wicklund was trying to rebound from a divorce triggered by his wife's affair with a man she met had over the internet.

For three months, John and Debbie traded e-mails between her home in Tampa, Fla., and his home in North Branch, Minn.; they even engaged in joint online Bible study.

Thacker said Shining Star has had only a handful of problems, such as a user employing an obscene alias.

Magnuson has experienced some minor difficulties because a pornographic website has a name similar to his service.

Furthermore, there are a number of proposed, but doubtful, references from European sources recorded in the 15th century, and perhaps a pictograph associated with the Ancestral Puebloan culture found near the Peñasco Blanco site in New Mexico.

The remnant of SN 1054, which consists of debris ejected during the explosion, is known as the Crab Nebula.

"Some say they're just looking for a friend, someone to correspond with," she said.

"Deep down in their hearts, I think most want a serious relationship, but they want to be careful to start with." Most of the dating services urge users to be cautious about meeting strangers.

Due to this error, he created his catalogue of non-cometary nebulous objects, the Messier Catalogue, to avoid such mistakes in the future.

The nebula is catalogued as the first Messier object, or M1.


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