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That's the thing that I think people have to think about. Really, this is my child here, and that's serious.''That part is the cherry on top,' she added.

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They invited a bunch of girls and they were all over him, and it ended up on Snapchat. He wasn't really feeling it, and he kept telling his friends that he was about to go to sleep. He was seeing other girls while they were talking, but they weren't exclusive. They just saw each other for the first time at their daughter's Christmas play at school.

So he went to his bedroom and went outside to smoke. Then there was a cake outside that said "Happy Birthday Shad" and the Shad part had been messed up. She was the one that he was spending the most time with though.

He looked down and saw something on the car (which was his friend's car.) It was eggs, flour and sugar. The only reason he thought it was her because the first movie they watched was Thin Line Between Love and Hate.

R&B Singer Ciara is well-known for her catchy songs and skillful dance moves.

When the couple called off their relationship, Ciara gained a reputation for being somewhat of a stalker and rumors began to spread that she wouldn’t leave 50 Cent alone.

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A source close to Ciara stated: “Ciara is a beautiful girl, but she just has the worst luck with men.

During their relationship, the couple put out a song together titled, “Like You,” which made teens and tweens everywhere feel like it was possible to meet someone special.

However, Bow Wow and Ciara decided to end their relationship in 2007, after rumors began to circulate that Bow Wow had cheated on Ciara with one of her close friends.

In 2010, Ciara was linked to Trey Songz when news began to circulate that the two may be romantically involved.

During the first show of his tour, Songz invited Ciara on stage to share a kiss.


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