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If the punishment is deireified and interpreted as a mere metaphysical abstraction for the here and now, it becomes Bowdlerized in a sense.Demons become men again, and the thing in itselfness of the punishment allows for a multitude of possible interpretations and coping strategies.Kino goes from country to country armed with guns, without which her travels would be impossible, but she is nonetheless a non-interventionist, an observer, who only reacts defensively.

The antithesis of this is performative femininity as a means of manipulation.I will do so in the context of various media as well as more traditional concepts to the extent I think they apply.To begin with, it must be noted that the ironic hells of both Dante and Buddhist cosmology demonstrate extreme sadism.As a “boku-girl”, Kino is authentic in a simple and direct way.She in not, like Sartre’s waiter, in the mode of or the guise of.The world of Kino’s Journey is a bowdlerized hell in which people pick their poison.I like bowdlerized hells, because they permit real character.Authentic femininity is what is left over after all concerns of practicality and character have been met.It generally manifests as a subtle aloofness or inability to engage entirely with male social patterns, or else (perhaps more endearingly) as an overcompensation thereof.The principal virtues of such worlds are in contrast, the possibility of spontaneous selection for virtue; and here I must note, the reason the virtues of the pagans are gilded vices is because pagan virtue is ex post facto based on what produces outcomes that are found desirable later; and in a very real sense the cohabitation and comingling of both angels and demons.There is something structural at work, something profound that I cannot do justice to, but must nonetheless try.


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