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What would you call a pretty good idea for a first date as opposed to a bad idea for a first date? …If, right after this interview, I walked out and met some guy and he asked me to dinner and a movie, I’d probably turn him down. …To make matters worse, I had a horrible week at work, I was exhausted, and I didn’t want to (go on the date). I’ve known Kit for a while now and she has shared her opinions about dating with me many times, so I thought she would be particularly good for this piece. If so, any difference you can tell between liberal and conservative guys? They’re very selfish and they want you to baby them. …A couple of weeks ago, I went out on a date with a liberal and the moment he showed up, I could instantly tell he was a liberal. When he did show up — and this was back in the time before I knew to ask for pictures…he looked the North end of a South bound dog.Pretty good idea: a date hike somewhere, whitewater rafting, walking around an art museum. We’re sitting here watching the play and the play itself is boring, depressing, and sad. I’m watching it, it’s warm in the theater, I’m sitting next to him and he’s not talking — The next thing I remember, he’s shaking me awake. His nails were longer than mine, they were manicured, he had a ponytail, and he immediately started talking to me about how I shouldn’t smoke because it was bad for the environment. How did you end up going out with that guy in the first place? He was, quite honestly, probably one of the 3 ugliest people I have ever seen in my life.Orange County Singles for Christ Church is a Christian Fellowship supported by it's members and friends.

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But, I still would like, when I have been working for 10 hours in stiletto heels and walk out to the Metro, for a man to give up his seat for me. It’s polite to hold open the door for me, especially on first dates. I’m not the girl who expects the guy to pick up the tab all the time, but certain manners just seem to escape the liberal men that I’ve dated.

In constrast, the conservative men aren’t overly chivalrous, they’re not pandering by any stretch, but they seem to be more respectful of women in general.

Meetups include dinner nights, museums, seminars, karaoke, dancing, hiking, volunteering and much more.

If you're interested in hosting a Christian singles meetup, please email the organizer or co-organizer.

pm to am Fellowship, Karaoke, Free Dance Lessons, Ping Pong, Foosball, or just enjoying good company.

We also host a variety of Events and Bible Studies throughtout the year!Thank you for answering all of the profile questions and posting a photo of yourself when you join and for RSVP'g for the events! HOSTING AN ACTIVITY If you're interested in hosting a Christian Singles event or activity, please email the co-organizer at One Single [email protected] few weeks ago, I ran an article called “Interviewing Six Conservative Female Bloggers On Dating.” The article received a lot of attention, drew a lot of links, and people were still discussing it weeks after the original piece came out." -- John in NC "eliminates awkward first-date conversations about political views!" -- Denise in AR "better than any dating site I've tried. Since she had told me a few interesting dating stories over the last few months — when she wasn’t trying to talk me into watching horrible French films — I thought she’d be a great addition to this piece. I don’t hide my political point of view and quite frankly, it kind of weeds out liberals, so I don’t have to bother with them. I can’t speak for everybody; I am looking at how they talk to strangers, how they treat people they don’t know, how they’re conducting themselves, how they walk, how they carry themselves…. …I met this guy who was a very nice guy, we had met online, and he told me…that he was a diehard conservative.Give me some pet peeves, things that guys do to annoy you in the dating arena. If you’re accomplished in your field, you realy don’t brag about it. But,there are times when I have dated liberals and there is an arrogance that pervades every facet of their personality. My cousin Chrissy, she loved to try to set me up with people. I said, “Ok, that’s cool, we can meet for coffee.” First of all, he’s an hour late.We're looking for quality people who would love to make new single friends and enjoy the events together.We are Christian single friends that have a relationship with Christ and want to meet others who love Christ.What would you call a pretty good idea for a first date as opposed to a bad idea for a first date?…I saw from the last article that a lot of people said going to the movies was a bad idea for a first date.


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