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Chat sites specifically designed for language exchange are also very good for this, which would actually make users interact and form relationships. You create an account and then you start making friends and then WHAM---your account gets suspended by a moderator, but no one, no one, will tell you what youve done or why your account was taken down.

Even when you are doing nothing, and I mean absolutely, nothing wrong, your account will get suspended if there are enough horny or creepy males who put a compliant against you, because you wont sex chat with them or send them naked pictures. There are far more better ones out there that dont suspend your account on whims that dont make sense. Stopped writing as she was too busy for me Now its full on scammers, fake profiles and want people to learn English etc..... current and past city, material status, education and what type of pen pal.

I think a few times they found me and sent me the first message but for the most part, it was mainly me fishing around to see who I could talk to on the site and see who I was most compatible with as friends.

They're all good people to me and are still my friends for a reason. And for the scammers, yes obviously its so disturbing. The platform is a waste of time for the majority of people who expect genuine connections. Ladies get over a 1000 messages upon a few weeks of creating their profile, especially if they are attractive.

It is designed to keep users stick to the loops without giving exactly what they are looking for- meaningful relationships - once formed which would make users not continue to use the site.

If youre genuinely interested in finding pen-pals, I suggest using sites which do not operate like social media sites with elaborated profiles with pictures and links.I have not been on this site in a while but its not because its not a good site, but instead because I am not much for social sites.I tend to keep to myself a lot more these days so hanging out on dating sites or sites where you need to be active a lot just isn't my thing.So, if youre a narcissist, this is your place to be to feel superior.From the guys perspective, it would be very discouraging to write any meaningful message since you almost always never get a response- however, at the same time, the few responses you may receive might create a craving for a dopamine surge and reason to continue the cycle.If youre a guy, this makes it awkward to write to another guy (who has all lady friends).This platform is designed like any other social media platform based on dopamine-driven feedback loops.Inter is a great please to meet new people, make new friends, and even to learn a new language.There are tons of people on this site & the only negative opinion I have about it is the script that makes them look like the have more users online then they do by making multiple copies of the same profile appear often in searches, and its done so badly you can easily notice it when you see the same face like 20 times on 3 different pages of searching. Tip for consumers: When you make suggestions or have problems they are pretty good about replying back in a reasonable amount of time.A choice is in your hand whether you block him immediately or asking them to stop.There must be some of them who are truly nice person and wants to be your friends.


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