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Healy; In case anyone is looking for us, please note that Kai's dad was Uwe Hildebrant and we presently live in St. Kai lived in London, ON and he was born in Hamilton, ON. Yours truly, Mrs Helga Hildebrant E-Mail: [email protected] Vasily Gregory "Bill" Paskaruk died Sept 13, 2009 at Newmarket, Ontario. Paskaruk served from 1940 to 1965 in 'O' & 'D' Divs retiring from Security Service, Winnipeg. He was wounded near Mafeking, South Africa on the March 31, 1900 and he died of his wounds on the April 12, 1900. It seems that the confusion arose because our Henry Lowes was identified as 'Harry' Lowes in the press obituary. At the time of his death on February 10, 1962, Henry Lowes was the sitting Magistrate in Vegreville, AB. Cowan presents us with another artifact (knife) with its history grounded in the days of the NWMP. There are a lot of unmarked graves and the crosses and markers illustrated in this photo have few legible markings." We ought not be discouraged by these setbacks. Troop 36 1974 & 1975 was the second Troop of women to join the RCMP.

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Alexander Leith Metcalfe died Sept 23, 2009 at Arnprior, Ontario. Metcalfe served from 1951 to 1982 in 'D' 'G' 'D' & 'HQ'. The records for this cemetery have been transcribed for the benefit of the general public. He joined the RCMP in 1931, and enlisted with Ferry Command ten years later. Peter Kelsberg also served in the BCPP and 'E' Div. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#17331 (Rtd) S/Sgt. Thanks to all supporters of the RCMP Vets Graves Location and Maintenance Program website! It shows he died Oct 29, 1885 in Colorado Springs and his remains were returned to Coaticook, Quebec for burial in Mount Forest Cemetery. Gayle Burton Swaney was born at Germantown, Ohio, in 1907. Other hits to this site originated from 22 other countries around the world! Donald George Vogan died Aug 15, 2009 at Edmonton, AB. Ian 'Al' Mac Watters died August 15, 2009 at Kamloops, B. Albert Shurtleff than the one listed in his service file on pages 44 & 45 of the NWMP Personnel Records. Swaney, (Reg.#11169) a former original Air Services engineer lost his life in Trans-Atlantic Ferry work while flying for the RCAF on leave of absence from the Force, in accordance with Privy Council Order 3539 of July 31, 1940. Sergeant-Major Bray was a fairly well known and respected member in the Medicine Hat area way back when. The database was redesigned several time and wrinkles were ironed out. I know that Redcliff Detachment still has either the orginal or a copy of the photo hanging in their office..at least they did the last time I was there a number of years ago. The idea for the website was greatly accepted and a lot of help and coordination was assembled among various Vet Associations across Canada. Last night, the website was accessed by 166 towns and cities across Canada. He was a member of the Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#C/2576 & S/480 & 41667 (Rtd) Cst. Vets came across a much clearer obit for NWMP O.12 Supt. S/M Bray and his family are buried in what is known as the"Old Hillside Cemetery" in Medicine Hat, AB. Each day this website averages between 70 to 100 hits or more. Mac Watters served from 1975 to 1990 as C/M & S/Cst, then from 1990 to 1998 as Cst. Hi Jack (White) and Joe, Wayne Barry of Toronto Div. Dear Joe; What a wonderful site, I find it very informative! Condolences may be directed to the family in care of Penticton Funeral Chapel at This information is vital to ongoing research and our Graves Program, but more importantly it brings to the family's mind and to ours fond thoughts of a loved one. Ron Blake recently sent in a photo of his Dad's grave. then he transferred into Security Service where he spent the remainder of his career. Over the past week or so, I have been corresponding with Cst. Truly, and I include myself, the RCMP was not accustomed to women in policing and in many aspects the Force had not fully prepared itself to care for and address the interests of women. RIP Soon, Troop 36 will celebrate 35 years of Graduation Day. Sub/Constable Reg.#166, George Anderton joined the NWMP on July 19, 1876. If friends so desire donations may be made directly to the Kidney Foundation of Canada in Elmer's memory. Interment will take place at Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa. RIP Over recent years, hundreds of family members have written in to tell us the location of a deceased member's grave. Vet Collinson says: "I spent considerable time looking for Henry George Lowes but finally found him as 'Harry' George Lowes. Jack White says that Henry George Lowes was born about 1902. He joined the Force on June 1, 1932 when the APP was absorbed into the RCMP. RIP Thanks to Joe Collinson, we can now say: Welcome back Henry! Instead, I thank all Vets for their patience and for their ingenious methods of research and for their support of the RCMP Graves and Location Program. Jack White notifies us that Reg.#15056 (Rtd) S/Sgt Sylvio Biscaro died Aug 15th, 2009 at Montreal, Que. Biscaro served from 1947 to 1968 in 'C' 'HQ' & 'C' Divs. Historically, it was momentous event for the Force because only one other class of women had previously attended the RCMP Academy in Regina, SK.It is intended that the Buffalo Blog will make it just as easy to keep our readers up to date 'Whenever News Is Grave'. The following is from the transcription but a plot or section number is not provided: Shurtleff, Major A., d. Later, he was posted to 'K' where he established Pincher Creek Detachment and a horse farm. He apparently died of a heart attack on the golf course. I acknowledge and thank Jack White for allowing me access to his wonderful collection of historical research. They set out on the evening of July 3, 1945, but radio contact was lost early the next morning. Your 'What's New' web page is actually my Home Page..up the great work! Dubuc is #10982 as this was the series of numbers being allocated to members in the year that Dubuc joined -- 1931. Le Mesurier retired on October 31, 1954 at which time he became an Anglican priest. Le Mesurier's name was missing off the cemetery list. There was a story about him that was chilling and I would like to know if it was true."Buffalo Blog" Dear Readers, I am confident that you will find benefits with the Buffalo Blog's content, design and colour. , age: 44y 4m 8d Regards - Jack O'Reilly Our thanks go out to Wayne Barry and Jack O'Reilly for this new research. Jack White also tells us that on September 22, 1877, Supt. RIP Dear Joe; I attended the annual Oakville Manitoba Memorial Cemetery Service on Sunday and I found this stone. His grandfather was our doctor in Oakville, MB for many years. Located in Oakville, Manitoba Cemetery is NW33-11-4W 1 1/4 miles north of Trans Canada Highway at junction of Highway #13. Westover served from 1977 to 2006 in ‘M’ & ‘K’ Divs and retired from Lethbridge. Far, far north of the American border in the thick forests of the Ottawa Valley is found Fort Healy. Kindest regards, Bernard Filiatrault Son of Reg.#18663 Note: Dear Bernard, thank you for this contribution! Yours truly, JJH Dear Joe: Attached is one of the slides that depict the (1964) gravesites at Dawson City in the Yukon Territory. Vet Jack White notifies us that Reg.#13055 former Cst. He served in the RCMP Band at 'N' Div, then during WWII in the RCAF. Millen is buried in Beechmount Cemetery, Edmonton, Alberta. Not long ago, Jack was on patrol in the Perth area so he decided to visit St. Jack found Le Mesurier's grave site and he noted that the grave was excellently cared for and flowers had been placed next to the grave. He never spoke about it and I found out from my mom.


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