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routine, and try to add a word into your decimal field of your Data Grid View, and navigate off the record. Column Index Case 0 'Needs to be a decimal Message Box.You should get a nasty looking error message on your screen. However, it's ugly, so you want to give the user a friendly message. You are interested in displaying a friendly error message for your first and second columns. Net arrays are zero based, so this would be Columns 0 & 1. Show("You must enter a valid decimal.") Case 1 'Needs to be a datetime Message Box. Just remember--don't get too caught up in the syntax at first.Do I do it while the User is typing so they cant even input string values?

in case extra validation like restricting validation to some of the controls only, that would be decided at the function calling level.In the designer where I dragged the dataset to create the datagrid; the box that says datagridview tasks.I have "Enable adding" checked and everything else unchecked.Could I have something not set properly in the Edit Columns? I see how this works now - and I can put the validation inside the case statements.. I know you are here to help guide people to their answers but today turned into a whole lesson.I would give you a hundred stars for your patience.It creates a new blank line and I still can't add anything.But if I tab and select enter on one of the existing lines I do get the datagridview default error dialog with all the messy info you talked of. Show("Amount - Must enter a numeric field", "", Message Box Buttons. However,the validation message is ugly, and you can use the Data Error event to put in your user friendly error message. You probably just want to test this on one of a few columns, so you need to examine e. I just did a search for e.index and didn't find to much explaining it. In my database my 1st field is defined as decimal and the date is defined as datetime. If you do this, it will take care of the validation warnings for you. Index refers to the index of the current column which is being validated. You can sometimes get away with less code and overhead when you create your own code as opposed to what the GUI creates for you as well.So, I figure it was caught in my Update button click.I added code and the top of the button to check to make sure there were dates in the columns.


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