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Dear Interested Reader, Troops appreciate continued support. It's good to know we've plenty of people back home supporting us."Sproul believes care packages are one of the best ways for orgs and individuals in the U. "People wanted to find a way to volunteer and they did that through the care packages and thank-you letters."Sproul says the best way he can sum up the gratitude servicemembers feel upon receiving these items is with 2 simple, yet powerful words - "Thank you."-30-16th Sustainment Brigade RSSDeployment a Life-changing Experience for One New NCOStory by Sgt. Ashley Dawn Gochnour, 23, MP NCO, 81st BSTB, 16th Sust Bde, said "This deployment has been a life changing experience," on her first deployment to Iraq.

"We all really appreciate the effort put into these care packages, because they make life out here in Iraq a little easier for us all. "It gives people who can't otherwise come over to Iraq, a chance to help with the effort," said Sproul.

Lawrence Sproul (center), Petty Officer 1st Class Jennifer Nolen and Lt. John Brooks (right), all of the MNF-W Health Services Section, look through a care package sent by Sproul's son's kindergarten class, June 16.

"There's nothing to me more satisfying than putting on my uniform each and every day to serve my country from overseas.

Nearly every building on base has a care package table that contains goods like snacks, shower items, books, magazines and thank-you cards.

Joanna_________________________June 30, 2009MNF-IU. Nash Elementary School kindergarten class in Kenosha, Wis.This is my first deployment and this experience has taught me the true meaning to being a Soldier and NCO.""I'll remember earning the respect and confidence of my Soldiers by ensuring their welfare and striving to always accomplish the mission," Gochnour said."It gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment to lead Soldiers."Many officers serving in today's IA also served under Saddam's regime, which is a totally different mindset.They grew up and prospered under a dictator who called all the shots," Seagrist said."We are asking the CF for air support, especially in medivacs, should we need them; however, the Coalition will have very little involvement in this op," said Staff Col. The complexity of the display may seem a little elaborate, but it's all just a tool we're providing to our allies to aid them in securing their own democratic future," said Capt. -30-Al Anbar police receive 21st century forensics capability CAMP RAMADI - For years, the IP had to make do without the scientific tools most police forces around the world rely upon to solve crimes - but no longer. Meanwhile, Iraqi NP officers conducting a combined patrol with Soldiers from HHT, 7th Sqdrn, 10th Cav Regt, 1st BCT, 4th ID, captured a wanted criminal in the Zubaida community at approx.CF recently provided IP with 21st century forensics equipment to furnish the newly-opened Al Anbar Forensics Center in order to support the overall goal of enhancing IP capability in conducting criminal investigations and prosecutions. 11 p.m, who was wanted for allegedly building bombs.-30-ISF detain suspected criminals in Ghazaliyah BAGHDAD - Iraqi SF arrested 2 wanted criminals during ops Jan.In the IA, a lot of the Soldiers don't wear their rank. Mi TT team, and an Iraqi Soldier watch as Clark does his job. Al Tayieh explained the need for a continued partnership. "We need to continue to build and refine the relationship that has been established," he said.They don't feel like it means anything because they're not afforded the authority that an American NCO has," said MSgt. Jordan Clark, who serves as an explosive ordnance disposal expert with the 9th IA Div Mi TT, attached to 4th ID, removes an explosive substance from the end of an artillery round at Al Rasheed IA base. -30-Multi-National Corps - Iraq Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory APO AE 09342Tribal leaders hosted by Sustainers at Ziggurat of Ur Col. Army leaders to extend their relationship with each other, as well as learn about the historical site. Before the cultural briefings, Al Batha City Councilman, Al Tayieh addressed Schmitt, and his dep. "There are 2 hands, one is the hand that helps and the other is the hand of the enemy," he said. "It is our desire to see Iraq as a totally free and independent democratic state."The Ur curator led the Al Teyieh, Shaykh Shershab of the Al Badur Tribe, and Shaykh Hachem of the Al Ghizi Tribe, and Schmitt and his staff through the ziggurat, a monumental foundation for the "Temple of the Moon God." He showed the group another temple's foundation upon which still stood the world's oldest existing archway and the palace of King Shulgi during whose reign the ziggurat was built."We are assembled on what is considered hallowed common ground by at least three major religions," he said. of MNF-West and the I Marine Expeditionary Force, attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and presented Maj. Muhammed, al Anbar provincial chief of IP, with an early 20th century replica revolver to show his respect for their friendship. "With all due respect to other Marine cmdrs., Marines have all the right in the world to be very proud of such a cmdr."Kelly's involvement with IP has helped CF move to an over watch roll.Al Tayieh (far right) discusses the history of Ziggurat of Ur with Col. The Ur curator describes the sites of the Ziggurat of Ur compound to local Iraqi Tribal leaders and leaders from the 287th Sust Bde. "Along with this revolver, I present an Eagle, Globe and Anchor, the symbol of the Marines, which I wouldn't give to anyone I didn't have the deepest respect for." Muhammed and Kelly have been working together for the past year building a vital relationship between Iraqi Police and CF. A forensics lab will give Iraqi SF the upper hand to fighting crime.


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