Dating a father figure

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Generally speaking and as a result, girls without a father figure tend to be more promiscuous than girls with a strong male or caring father figure.Although it will never replace the deep feelings of loss that fatherless children may have, other good male role models may assist in creating a positive male father figure relationship experience that these children may otherwise be missing.Don’t we just love the stereotypes that society gives fatherless women? A father is to a man as Van Gogh is to an aspiring artist; He’s the blueprint.I have a daughter who will be nine years old and I am able to see what a godly Father figure looks like through my husband’s relationship with her. I applaud the father figures in this world, and when I see one, I feel as if I have had a glimpse of heaven.Perhaps you have struggled with this, or perhaps you have been blessed enough to have a Father figure in your life. There are some very blessed women who have had some kind of father figure growing up.This father figure required nothing from her except to be a part of her life. I googled the question, “Why do I need male attention?Some commentaries reflect that these women need more self esteem. As much as they should have self esteem, on its own it can become an accelerator and actually create more of a problem.He was there when she needed him, provided a shoulder to cry on, and held her in his arms requiring nothing in return. We may meet a man who is grounded enough to love with a brotherly type of love and reject a flirtation, however hurtful this may be.I believe it feels good because this is the kind of unconditional love that we women are looking for.


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