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Ugly mixed-race couples are gonna make ugly mixed-race kids.I've definitely been rejected because of my race but ultimately I think it just saves me time weeding out the girls who I wouldn't mesh with anyways.That goes for anyone, but it will help you stand out among your peer group. Women are attracted to successful men, and in Cali a lot of the successful men are smart Asian tech start-up types. Not because an asian accent cannot be attractive, but because an asian accent can be difficult to understand and has not been associated with positivty in pop culture.

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I most commonly met girls in person where I could actually build chemistry.

OKC was probably the second best place, the in depth profiles help convey you as a person instead of just "an Asian guy".

I made myself look perfectly normal & relatable and that was key. My suspect sense of humor, my passion for creative pursuits, and confident good nature are all what previous g/fs and my now fiancée (she's caucasian) have highlighted as what attracted them prominently.

I regularly had about 5-8 conversations going at any given time and about 2-3 of those would translate to actual dates. I've only dated caucasian women, as they're whom I mostly grew up around.

OKC and real life were easier to pick up other races of girls.

You can actually use this to your advantage by breaking the stereotypes quickly.

I'm not gay but I will give it a try for academic purposes.

This whole question was exploring the topics of attraction through dating profiles.

But the gal who had the thing for Aisians was a white gal through and through.

Blond hair, blue eyes, not a hottie but was "easy on the eyes"In America, white girls prefer to date and marry christian or catholic guys. Its far more common for westernized christian asian men to date and marry white girls they meet at church or through a social circle.


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