Dating autistic man

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Partly because it would be disrespectful to talk about any -autistic person as if they weren’t in the room (and therefore, why on Earth would it be different for autistic people?

I can drive my romantic partners a bit crazy because I request to change rooms in 50 percent of the hotels I check into if the room or the view isn’t perfectly symmetrical.About 50 percent of the time the server will put ice in before tipping the drink away and making it again without ice (ice dilutes the flavor, so I won’t drink one with ice in).On a date this drink will go back about 75 percent of the time, as they rarely get it right.(Oh- and since I wrote this article, it’s became by far the most read on Autistic Not Weird.So if you’re reading this for the first time, feel free to join our community on Facebook!These days I can generally tell within five minutes whether a date is going to go well based on whether they get that order right.If they can remember those little details I will like them more, because unfortunately there are lots of little "details" that need taking care of for anyone who dates me, and someone either gets them and just handles them with ease or they get agitated; and I’m not going to be interested in anyone who gets agitated. Like a few other "quirks" I have, I didn’t recognize this as an autistic trait until I thought I might be autistic and started researching the traits in more detail.On the weekend, when I sit down for breakfast in front of the TV, I have to line up my liquid vitamin supplement, smoothie, water glass, water bottle, and carrot sticks by height order, or I can’t relax because it’s all too disorganized.I never expected any kind of communication in response, because that wasn’t the point.The point was to give them the experience of social communication.


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