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He was married to Jill Diven from 1999 to 2007, and together they had a son and daughter.He became engaged to Isa Beall Quella in December 2015 after dating for seven years.He attended UCLA for the duration of two months before dropping out to pursue a comedy career in the 1980s.

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With an extraordinary and remarkable voice, Garret landed to voice vivid characters in creative as well as a box office hit movies that include Finding Nemo, Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series, Biker Mice from Mars and 2 Stupid Dogs.

His highly applauded role of Robert Barone on CBS Everybody Loves Raymond earned him Emmy Awards for three consecutive years as well as SAG Award.

While people adore his level-headed persona and modest attitude, they also admired and credit him for his style dilettante, timeless looks, and soaring height of 6 feet 8.5 inches, which is unusual for a guy unless he is a pro basketball player.

Quick Info: With a ripped physique, resilient muscles and well-built abs, he has wowed ladies for more than two decades while inspired boys as an enigmatic hustler tracked by a raw style, and prolific skills.

The spontaneous club acts paved his way to reality game show Star Search, where he ascended as winner vanquishing the grand prize.

Career Timeline: At 23, he was starring on the late-night variety talk show The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, which eternally bought him to the countrywide headlines and shortly he was called for by artists like Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra, and Smokey Robinson.

However, in 2005, they amicably decided to broke-up filing for divorce a year after, which was officially finalized in 2007.

Brad is an absolute legend who never lost his originality despite tons of achievement and accolades.

After graduating Camino, he checked in Westwood based University of California, Los Angeles, but dropped out after two years, intending to chase a career in comedy.57 and Garrett is engaged to 32-year-old girlfriend Isabella Quella, whom he shares a smitten relationship.

The much-in-loved couple is intensifying their relation and decided to take it a level-ahead after the 24-years age difference also couldn’t halt their relationship.


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