Dating career driven man

When she grows as a person and therefore becomes more successful in her endeavors, our egos kick in and we are encouraged to step up our game and be just as productive, if not more productive, than our partner.

Not just about sports, but you can converse about current events or even a new business venture that you have been considering.More money, more vacations, nicer homes, nicer cars and who don’t want that?Not only will she be your life partner, she will also be your business partner, your friend.They want a man who is willing to support them, and be by their side, but not to define who and what they are.Successful and independent women are not dependent upon men, because they have a life of their own, and they are too busy creating and living life on their terms.#2 — SHE WILL BE YOUR MASTERMIND PARTNERBecause she is ambitious and driven, and understands what it takes to pursue a worthwhile goal, she will be a great person to share your ideas and get valuable feedback from. The person that can give you a different perspective on things, and different ways in which you can move your projects forward.Because she wants more for herself, she will encourage you to want more for yourself, and she will help out in any way that she can.#3 — YOU WILL ACHIEVE MORE TOGETHERWhen you pull your resources together you will have more of everything.She is committed, dedicated, and loyal — however she is decisive and knows exactly what she wants, so she is not willing to put up with foolishness.#7 — SHE MAKES YOU STEP UP YOUR GAMENobody wants a yes man or a yes woman.A person who has a mind of their own and can make decisions on their won is definitely a more interesting person to be around.She represents herself well, and in doing so represents you well, whether it’s putting on jeans and t-shirt to go to a ball game or going to a business meeting.She is opinionated and you love that about her, because she is not afraid of speaking her mind, and standing up for what she believes in, and she will represent you in the same manner.#5 — SHE DOESN’T NEED ANYONE TO VALIDATE HERSuccessful and independent women do not need or want a man to define who they are as a person.


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