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On the other hand, the Central in Apalit, ADD for short, believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, thus, Jesus is a God and not just a man.Apparently, the INC is wealthy as manifested by their luxurious and grandiose places of worship and residential buildings for free occupancy by their workers and church officers not to mention the sumptuous palace where the Manalo’s are comfortably residing and not that visible to the public view On the other hand, the ADD place of worship is an unfinished building or edifice.This is taken from the root word “dilim”, a Tagalog or Pilipino term referring to darkness/night.

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For a long time already, it remains unfinished due to scarcity of funds.

Their Locales or places of worship are mere rented humble spaces, comparable during the times of Jesus Christ where in order to meet the apostles and their followers, most of the times they gather in rented spaces or even just stay outside, under the heat of the sun because they have no money and permanent places to go or lay their heads.

Darkness is descriptive of a place where there is no light but total darkness.

Having defined the significant terms of this article, we can now explore in our minds supported with the succeeding facts and circumstances how this author arrived at the theory that the places where the two “Centrals” of two opposing religious organizations, the Members Church of God International (MCGI) or popularly known as “Ang Dating Daan” (ADD), in english The Old Path (TOP) and the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), in this end times where situated, are not just a coincidence but preordained.

These two religious organizations are exactly opposite from each other in many ways, such that, one can be accepted as “from the light” and the other one as “from darkness.”As the succeeding facts and circumstances will be presented to the readers, we will use ADD and INC to shorten the presentation as we go further in our discussions.

Dating daan convention center

To enumerate the basis of this author, among others, the following are the most apparent and pragmatic comparison based on notorious facts, actual research, interviews and observations, to wit: The Central in Diliman, INC for short, believes that Jesus Christ is just a man.Ive read a funny "theory" of a member (CEMANES Writes) who wrote and spread the lie he/she created, the title is "Central in Apalit of Ang Dating Daan vs. This is the Central Office of the Church of Manalo, popularly known as Iglesia ni Cristo (INC).Central in Diliman of Iglesia ni Cristo, Not a coincidence but preordained."Of course, as what expected, bias on his/her religion MCGI as he/she "compared" the two religion and jumping to his/her "theory". The owners of this Church are the Manalo family, a corporation sole, now headed by Mr. It is located in Diliman, along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, where majority of the residents of this place are rich, educated, famous politicians and businessmen as shown by the facts in the records of the Mayor’s Office of Quezon City, called as the wealthiest City in the Philippines for having the highest collection of taxes.Let us see what CEMANES Writes ' "theory"This is the Convention Center of the Members Church of God International (MCGI), popularly known as Ang Dating Daan (ADD). A word idem sonans or same sounding with “Up-A-Lit”.It is the place where they hold Thanksgiving to God, various activities and very important events in their congregation. “Up” means of a high level or heavenly as people points their fingers up, whenever they want to declare something higher/heavenly.Thus, they are not necessarily bound to go to hell but will still have hope for God’s mercy.In the INC, once a person becomes a member, they stop being merciful, instead their characters are worsened, becomes more proud, cruel and unsympathetic.Now therefore, if you have eyes, ears and other senses working, it is now high time to open it widely, then, determine for yourselves within reason that the existence in this end times of these two ever contrasting organizations, the Members Church of God International (MCGI) versus the Iglesia Ni Cristo ni Manalo (INCM), are not indeed a coincidence but strongly pre-ordained.Take heed therefore people of the Philippines and be aware of the phenomenon in religion where this beautiful country was blessed to have been chosen by God to bear the true religion.Almost 99% of the membership of the CGI comes from the poorest of the poor, reminiscent of the Israelites, the slaves of the Egyptians before, but they are the chosen ones of God.Buildings and structures of worship of the INC are so lavish and extravagant.


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