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You're secretly tracked on pretty much every commercial website you visit.

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Perhaps there will be a class-action lawsuit, but because it's hard to draw a line between any of the many data breaches you're subjected to and a specific harm, courts are not likely to side with you. EDITED TO ADD: In the early hours of this breach, I did a radio interview where I minimized the ramifications of this.

If you don't like how careless Equifax was with your data, don't waste your breath complaining to Equifax. I didn't know the full extent of the breach, and thought it was just another in an endless string of breaches. Tags: breaches, data collection, fraud, identity theft, national security policy, privacy, surveillance Posted on September 13, 2017 at PM • 115 Comments • September 13, 2017 PM ..."governments can raise the cost of insecurity high enough that security becomes a cheaper alternative".

I don't have a Facebook account, but Facebook still keeps a surprisingly complete dossier on me and my associations -- just in case I ever decide to join.

I also don't have a Gmail account, because I don't want Google storing my e-mail.

In case you didn't notice, you're not Equifax's customer. This happened because your personal information is valuable, and Equifax is in the business of selling it.

The company is much more than a credit reporting agency. It collects information about all of us, analyzes it all, and then sells those insights.

Think of food, pharmaceuticals, cars, airplanes, restaurants, workplace conditions, and flame-retardant pajamas.

Market failures like this can only be solved through government intervention.

• September 13, 2017 PM About complaining to your government, include relevant info for people to determine whom to contact.

Surprisingly, not very many understand how to do, or search for this effectively.


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