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Fool’s Cap is a rich tobacco of medium strength, with a pleasing room aroma to delight and amuse the senses.” I have 1 tin still available for $90 – PK1 – The Legendary Friedman & Pease perfectly conditioned 4 oz tins of Templar from 1999.

This one’s a bombshell of a rare rascal and details are provided by “Rich Dappled Red and Lemon virginias are blended with selected White Burley, and seasoned with a pinch of Louisiana Perique and exotic Oriental tobaccos.

A smooth yet powerful blend of five different Virginias with a touch of Perique” Take a trip down Thunder Road and enjoy!

I have 4 tins available for $35 per tin – ST1 – Here’s a much older tin of Tordenskjold Virginia Slices that is dated all the way back to 2000, and since this is a stout wad of tobacco, perhaps the almost 18-years of aging has mellowed the leaf to perfection.

Smooth black tobacco is added, pressed then fermented for mildness and character.” I have 1 tin available for $48 – ST1 – This is Orlik era Dunhill London Mixture that is factory date coded to 2011, giving the contents a solid 6-years of aging.

As described on “A delightfully harmonious blend of matured Virginia and Oriental tobaccos, soft and mellow, cool and fragrant.

This tin is in perfect vacuum sealed condition and contains strong Virginia and Burley leaf with a hint of added casing that is polarizing. This 100g tin sells for 0 – ST1 – Dunhill Aromatic 50g tin from the Murray’s era and dated to 1997, so, a good 20-years of age on this one.

As detailed by “A base blend of USA and Brazilian Virginia leaf.

The room note is soft and subtle, the taste zesty and piquant.

This is the one for the Virginia/Perique fans.” I have 1 tin available for – PK1 – The out of production and probably most powerful Va Per that I ever smoked, this is Tavern Tobacco’s Thunder Road in 2 oz tins that are factory dated to 2003 & 2004 (the only years they were produced).


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