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fireworks, but in our earlier days my sisters and I were content to sprint around with sparklers in hand.

As the Fourth approaches, I've been inundated with friends seeking advice and telling me stories about dating, and they always take a moment to acknowledge the presence or absence of "the spark".

I don't care about odds or circumstances—I just give in to the power of sparks and believe I can work miracles.

Even if I have a better chance of discovering clean and efficient energy for the world than getting with the girl I'm "sparking" with... I do anything and suffer any consequences to be around the girl...

Fourth of July conjures up memories of steamed crabs, fireflies, and sparklers.

Yeah, those things are kind of random, but that's the protocol for a late afternoon Baltimore cookout in the summer—oh, and terrible, terrible cheap beer.

We need to be in the right frame of mind for sparks to fly.

I tend to break up with a girl as soon as the sparks go out, so I don't know what it means to work on bringing them back.

I had this huge crush on this girl in my Italian class freshman year of college. When I feel sparks for a girl, I love hearing her laugh at things I say and do.

So, naturally, I kept signing up for Italian whenever she said she was going to continue. By the third year, my Italian grades had plummeted and we were getting full on novels to read in Italian every semester (keep in mind I have enough trouble reading in English). I want her to see me accomplish cool things and notice anything great that I'm doing.


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