Dating for average people

Planning is great, but executing plans requires disciplined actions. Instead of stressing about work, she’s off for the summer, and I work from home.We haven’t had to leave the house for much more than recreation and the occasional errand in weeks.

My point is that you’re not alone — we’re all suffering. I’m not saying you should be a robot or drone with no feelings or history. None of these are unobtainable dreams or goals, but you have to be willing to put in the work.

You’re going to suck at first, but you’ll learn by doing.

Sure, I can get a hold of someone for a quick meal or drink, but we don’t hang out day in and day out — we’re just too busy for that.

Average people don’t prioritize their life this way.

You don’t need the latest and greatest of every gadget that ever comes out. There’s entirely too much free stuff out there in the world for you to waste your hard earned money on frivolous things.

I spent my early 20s halfheartedly pursuing a career in the music business on the side of my day job and school.If you’re shooting for the big dog pile at the bottom, here are 10 common characteristics of average people to aim for: The world is filled with two types of people: successful people and average people. I was telling people about online shopping years before they existed.There are plenty of resources online if you want to learn how to be successful, but what about those who are only looking to achieve adequacy? We all have millions of ideas – it’s the person who takes the lead and acts on those ideas that gets all the glory.I planted my own seeds, and nurtured my life my way. By contrast, successful people stand outside the box like grown folk, shaking their heads at the absurdity of the scene.Your problems aren’t as black and white as you think, and they’re certainly nothing to get worked up about.Average people are always finding ways to get out of work.No matter what you may have seen in a commercial, there’s no easy button to life.Along the road to success, you’ll meet plenty of people who want to waste your time.You only have so much time in the day, and how you utilize that time is up to you. Just because you see Lil Wayne on TV bragging about all the money he has doesn’t mean you have those same means.Although I decided to pursue other career options, I learned a lot about the music business from the experience.You’ll constantly meet musicians if you go out and about town – they’re everywhere.


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