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Illegal and pirate fishing take place in many parts of the world.For example, ice loss from Greenland (which was large in 2011-12) has recently reversed itself with huge gains made in the last year.These events are governed by natural variations in weather patterns, which have always occurred.We need your help to ask President Barack Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency to get working on a bold plan to curb ocean acidification.Carbon dioxide pollution is also being absorbed by the ocean, causing its chemistry to change and become more acidic.Edd Hammill with Utah State University and co-author of the paper, noted: "What we should take away from this is that something is serious amiss in the oceans." Ben Lascelles, with Birdlife International, found the research alarming because the decline appeared practically indiscriminate, hitting a "large number of species across a number of families." Michelle Paleczny with the University of British Columbia and the Sea Around Us Project said: "When we see this magnitude of seabird decline, we can see there is something wrong with marine ecosystems.It gives us an idea of the overall impact we're having." There are nearly 350 species of seabirds worldwide.This result was published back in April in reporter who covered the story.The headline was technically correct…but misleading. (I can also make up technically correct headlines: “Scientists Agree: Sea Levels are Rising, We are All Going to Die”) The researchers in April made a major adjustment to the first 1/4 of the satellite record, bringing those early sea levels up.The most recent study then reads too much into the wiggles in the new data, and even implies the acceleration will continue with the statement, “The suggested acceleration…highlights the importance and urgency of mitigating climate change and formulating coastal adaptation plans to mitigate the impacts of ongoing sea level rise”. The oceans are far too vast and dynamic to be measured to within a few millimetres given the scant number of tidal gauges, with sats taking readings every 10 days. Mathematically valid, not ‘guessing’, and commonplace in scientific analysis.


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