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Banjo Night in Pittsburgh is an institution, and something every Pittsburgher should experience once.Every Wednesday (from 8pm-11pm), the Pittsburgh Banjo Club performs at the Elk Lodge in the North Side. This short documentary from local videographer Willy James will show you what it’s all about and why it’s not just a fun, free experience for you and your date, but one full of history and culture.Back in the 1950s, couples would share milkshakes at the local diner.

Details for the 2018 season haven’t been released yet, but based on past performance, it’s guaranteed to be date-worthy.

To get a grasp of the game, there are bocce games going on all season long, perfect for observing or participating (you’ve got to register!

), and you could even start your own one-on-one game at a local park.

Get away from city life for a bit with a horseback ride under the stars; after you complete the hour-and-a-half journey, you’ll enjoy a hayride to your dinner (which includes BBQ ribs), followed by a romantic campfire.

When you’re a kid, the ideal hangout is an awesome treehouse -- this doesn’t really change when you’re an adult, except that you can now enjoy alcoholic beverages in one.


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