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Cod tongues are actually cut from a muscle in the cod’s neck, not their actual tongues.

These bites of fried fish used to be sold by the bucket, but now they’re more of a local delicacy. John’s dedicated to serving local, fresh food from Newfoundland and Labrador.

While Saskatoon berries can be enjoyed in a number of ways, the Berry Barn in Saskatoon offers Berry Barn Waffles: delicious Belgian waffles topped with a mix of berries and whipped cream.

If you don’t like sweet food, don’t worry—the restaurant also makes Saskatoon Berry Pickerel is one of many fish found in regions across Manitoba.

It uses local beef to construct beautiful dishes that feel homemade and offer a true taste of what Alberta has to offer.

This berry is so important that it actually gave the city of Saskatoon its name, not the other way around.These chocolatey, custardy squares are a delicious Canadian dessert that everyone should try.The city of Nanaimo has made it easy for tourists to track down these bars—the Nanaimo Bar Trail was created to map out all of the locations where you can buy them.You can even tour the vineyards where Fielding Estate grows some of Ontario’s finest grapes. Their fries are greasy without being soggy, and the gravy is the perfect temperature to melt the cheese.Okay, let’s talk about the most stereotypical Canadian dish. The idea of a plain meat pie—crust with a filling of only ground beef—may seem unappealing at first, but it’s truly delicious.They’ve been a vital staple of the region since before European settlers came to Canada.Not only are they historically significant, but they’re also super tasty.It is typically farmed in the province, but it can also be fished in the wild.The residents of Winnipeg, Manitoba even consider it the “most important local fish” (probably because of how delicious it is when cooked fresh).It’s a key part of Newfoundland’s Screech-In ceremony, where non-Newfies take a shot of the rum, recite a speech, and kiss a cod fish. Screech Rum is a signature local drink, and the 40% alcohol content is hard to beat.If you’re looking to become an honorary Newfie, Christian’s Pub has daily Screech-In ceremonies that always draw a fun crowd.


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