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Also, meeting people at coffee shops can be difficult since everyone knows everyone.

If you haven’t processed and put into practice my advice from last week on Things you need to get over before dating in Portland, I forgive you (for now!

If you can’t commit to a single cause because you love too big, start going to Take Action Portland (TAP) events.

There are always new people to meet through TAP because each event attracts a completely different group of people.

If that’s not your thing, try climbing at Maine Rock Gym, join a coed basketball/soccer/dodgeball team and just go for it.

If you’re looking for a big hearted loving partner you should start volunteering, like, yesterday.Check out Pecha Kucha and the Maine Tweetups for like-minded people who will likely change the world and make good money doing it!So many designers, musicians and artists that I know are super hot and amazingly dateable, but horribly introverted. On the surface, Portland seems like the perfect place to meet people.We’re a bustling little city filled with tons (okay, maybe a couple dozen) interesting young single people. Big networking events are so overwhelming that having a genuine (and audible) conversation is nearly impossible (sorry Greendrinks and First Friday).Please and thank you 🙂 You’re into projects, side projects and helping make people’s brainstorms a reality.Your dream partner will be someone who will help you build your empire, as soon as you get that grant money or investor. You’ll find this person at Startup Weekend where you’ll collaborate on designing an app and fall in love over late night business plans.Volunteering with the Telling Room introduced me to the best group of men and women (tons of whom are single) in Portland.The Contemporaries are one of the best-looking organizations in Portland so join asap.) but it might be time to consider meeting people in places that aren’t so obvious.The place and circumstances in which you meet the new BF/GF actually set the stage for how you pass the time during your relationship.


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