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", we talked about how to respond to women who are flaking you (i.e., cancelling you or not showing up on dates that you set up), and that you usually should not blame them for this, because flaking is simply something that women do to guys.What I want to talk about today is women flake, and hopefully give you some additional insight into the psychology behind this phenomenon, so that you can avoid it, or nip it in the bud more effectively and not have to deal with it so much.What's also interesting about this study is that they found men were more likely to end a relationship over lack of sex, while women were more likely to end a relationship due to lack of emotional support. Jealousy evocation, partner reassurance, and relationship stability: an exploration of the potential benefits of jealousy.

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and Brett is the romantic/friendship relationship pairing between K.

They start by reviewing how jealousy, "is a common source of relational dissatisfaction, relational conflict, break-up, aggression and violence" (p. They go on to define romantic jealousy as, "a set of thoughts, emotions and responses following a perceived threat to a romantic relationship by a rival" (p. According to them, jealousy happens when someone tries to protect an existing relationship.

According to many scholars, jealousy is a double-edged sword.

It's a signal to a mate (and ourselves) that we're not getting something that we may need.

The key then, is to acknowledge that we are in a position where we might end up hurting the very person we love.

Likewise, men might start being more supportive, friendly, or available to another woman to make a mate feel jealous. Tickling the monster: Jealousy induction in relationships.

When faced with the desire to get a mate's attention, jealousy induction might be quite effective, but it is risky. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 22, 49-73 Sheets, V.

It can hurt the one you love, and even cause the end of the relationship.

The main issue is that when faced with a mate who is trying to manipulate us (or when we realize we're trying to manipulate someone we love), really these actions reflect the need for love and attention.


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