Dating the fossil record worksheet

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Name 3 radioactive isotopes and give their half-life.

, Havana Junior High, Havana, IL) I created these games to help students review terms and lessons we have studied during the dinosaur unit.

The first game - The Name Game - challenges students to identify dinosaurs by the meaning of their names.

Using the information collected, they complete the fact sheet and provide a drawing of their dinosaur.

To provide an added challenge, require students to create one question for their classmates from information provided by their project.

What other scientist came up with this same idea about evolution? What was the name of the book that Darwin published with his ideas about evolution? Explain how Darwin obtained all of his records & supporting evidence that led him to his theory of natural selection.

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What book did Darwin read that influenced his ideas when he sailed on the Beagle?

Vestigial structures show __________________________ ancestry.

In the early stages, how do all vertebrate embryos compare with each other?

What are homologous structures and give an example?

Which structures, homologous or analogous, show that organisms are more closely related?


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