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When cops picked him up, Chino blamed for his violent actions, saying “killing seemed easy in the game” and he needed the money to play it (many Thai people do not own their own consoles or computers and instead play at Internet cafes).

The government responded by outlawing all of the , the real-time strategy game released by Electronic Arts in 2006.

The GTA games have been the target of pushback all over the globe for their glorification of violence and mayhem, but only one country has taken the drastic step of banning every single title in the franchise. The country is not typically censorious of violence (although they do ban games with adult sexual content), but Rockstar’s cash cow is a special exception due to some real-life consequences.

In 2008, a young man named Polwat Chino hailed a Bangkok taxi and, when it was time to pay for his ride, instead pulled out a knife and stabbed the driver to death.

Pikachu, the beloved electric Pokemon and his fellow pocket monsters were considered a threat to national security. Because the symbols used for energy in the game resemble “the star of David, which everyone knows is connected to international Zionism and is Israel’s national emblem.” Promoting Zionism is a big no-no in many Middle Eastern states, for obvious geopolitical reasons.

It didn’t matter to the Saudi clerics that the resemblance was unintentional.

isn’t just an insanely long title, it’s also a well-reviewed tactical shooter.

Unfortunately, the game’s opening mission doesn’t paint the city of Ciudad Juarez in such a good light.

Rockstar went back in and added some graphical filters to obscure the gore, and the edited version was originally released there.

It was banned from sale in Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, as well as South Korea (which also banned the original).


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