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And pointing them to this blog post (ideally: not in a passive-aggressive way) would be great!

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Most of advice here will be focused how to get to this moment.

Also, if you are on the recipient side of a nerd’s (however clumsy) courtship, I hope that you will learn a bit about his POV and be able to help him (whether it means taking command or turning him down in a clear but graceful way).

Before we go to the more juicy parts, let’s diagnose the problem.

I am not sure if I want to publish pieces of dating advice on my semi-professional blog.

But, well, I actually want to help people, so it is wiser to think about a wider (not-empty! A lot of this content might be useful for other groups (gender, sexual orientation, level of nerdiness). By putting in some conscious effort you will get ahead of most men!

A large portion of this information is on approaching people in general, or advancing any relationship - surprisingly many things I learnt from dating are crucial for my networking skills (which, as a semi-freelancer, I use a lot).

Further, only 65% of MIT graduate students have had sex. So, if you are a virgin, you are still in a good company!

data, according to the Sex by Numbers credibility scale. If you are barely not a virgin, you may be ahead of this intellectual cohort.

Nerds may get it harder with interpersonal skills and their social rank, see: In short - being very picky and having a main focus other than mating makes dating hard.

Winning a math competition is unlikely to make you much more sexually appealing.


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