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Applause meter: Whedon, natch, got the most enthusiastic reception from the packed house, followed by Gellar, Marsters and Carpenter.Party crasher: Less than five minutes in, it was painfully obvious that Brendon had suffered a recurrence of ericbalfourism, an affliction that causes actors to hijack panel discussions with erratic behavior and unfunny banter.

“I didn’t know it would last..expectations were low, it wasn’t a lot of money,” Carpenter tells .

“We were trying to accomplish a lot, because it was an ambitious show, but there wasn’t a lot of money or resources.”Related: Carrie-Anne Moss on 'Humans' Season 2, 'The Matrix' Reunion with Keanu Reeves and Technophobia See all of the at the end of season three. How it’s affected my life the most is that I’m forever being confused with Cordelia Chase. It’s not a bad thing—it’s adorable.”Speaking to ’s enduring popularity: You originally auditioned for the role of Buffy, right?

Speaking of Buffy's lesbian tryst in the recently published Season 8 comic book, Whedon said, "It's not a giant life change. It's someone who is young with a lot of time on her hands." Behind the tears: Caulfield at long last revealed what was going through her mind when she delivered that gut-wrenching monologue in the acclaimed "Body" episode: "I had to go to the bathroom!

" Unsung hero: Gellar agreed with Whedon's assessment of Kristine Sutherland (aka Buffy's mom) being one "of the most underrated" actresses working today.

Quote of the day: Summing up the appeal of writing for a show like Buffy, Greenwalt said, "There's nothing like taking all your pain and misery and shoving it into good-looking people's mouths." Nickname game: Unbeknownst to Gellar, Whedon and Greenwalt would refer to her as "Jimmy Stewart" in the writers' room.

Whedon leaned over to tell a confused-looking Gellar that the nickname "was a compliment." Choose or lose: Roush asked Gellar to once and for all choose between Angel and Spike, to which Brendon cracked, "Given the comic book, I think Willow." OK, I'll give him that one.

Dark Buffy: Gellar admitted that both Whedon and Noxon had to "talk her down off the ledge" a few times during the controversial sixth season, which saw Buffy morph from a butt-kicking heroine into a dark, bitter basketcase.

Ultimately, Whedon agreed that the real Buffy had "been gone to long" that season.

Today, there is an abundance of complex female characters leading dramas ( The show’s success was not immediate.

The first season was a gamble, recalls Charisma Carpenter, who played Buffy’s high school nemesis, Cordelia Chase.


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