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A Draft of the Model Curriculum and Teaching Guide was used by 22 Community Health Service, Department of Health, Education and Wel- fare grantees in some 80 training programs for homemaker-home health aides • A systematic collection of information from the users of the Model Curriculum was obtained and, based on these reactions, revi- sions have been made to strengthen and clarify areas of content.The Model Curriculum and Teaching Guide benefited greatly by a year's use and the thoughtful suggestions and reports submitted by these programs.

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Based on approximately sixty hours of classroom and laboratory instruction and fifteen hours of field practice, the curriculum contains these five sections, each with several units: (1) The Homemaker-Home Health Aide Service (5 units), a general orientation: (2) Working with People (8 units) : (3) Practical Knowledge and Skills in Home Management (3 units); (U) Practical Knowledge and Skills in Personal Care (9 units) : and (5) Application of Knowledge and Skills--The Practicum, a situation in tne home with supervised guidance.Authors : Section I: THE HOMEMAKER-HOME HEALTH AIDE Patricia Soyka, National Council for Homemaker- Home Health Aide Services, Inc.Section II: WORKING WITH PEOPLE Patricia Gilroy, Special Consultant, National Council for Homemaker-Home Health Aide Services, Inc.The Model Curriculum and Teaching Guide was developed with the guidance of an Advisory Committee.This included representatives of agencies providing homemaker-home health aide services, organi- zations and federal agencies with experience and expertise in home- maker-home health aide services and a concern for the continuing development of quality care provided by qualified, well-trained personnel .n- DUCED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED r RQV THE PERSON OR ORGANIZATION ORIGIN- ATING IT POINTS OF VIEA OB OPi Nt ONS STATED DO NOT n ECESSABilv REPRE- SENT Orrt Ci AL NATIONAL INST'TUTFOP EDUCATION POSITION OR POUCV DHHS Publication No. MJ^t^-:'-' Oa May 4, 1980, the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (. These services are needed by the elderly, families with children, the chronically-ill and convalescent, and the handicapped.The homemaker-home health aide undertakes tasks in and demonstrates the care of the hone and family, sound hygiene and nutrition practices, disease prevention and good health prac- tices.They may be used for basic training, inservice or special additional training, ether appendixes include sample practicum material. the new -ij^^^'*: Department of Health Human Services (DHHS) .(YLB) * Beproductions supplied by EDBS are the best that can be made * * from the original document, * EKLC A MODEL CURRICULUM AND TEACHING GUIDE FOR THE INSTRUCTION OF THE HOMEMAKER-HOME HE.\LTH AIDE us OEPARTMENTOF HEALTH, EDUCATION & WELFARE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF , EDUCATION THIS DOCU^/^ENT HAS BEEN REP*? DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Public Health Service Health Services Administration Bureau of Community Health Services 5600 Fishers Lane Rockville, Maryland 20857 M'-:^ ■ . "^Ahy references to ' DHEW within this text should be considered as DHHS. This document was developed by the National Council for fiomemaker- Home Health Aide Services, Inc., New York, New York, under Contract No- 2 with the Bureau of Community Health Services, HSA, ? 3 FOREWORD The homemaker-home health aide is a team member with professional health and social staff members who are responsible for providing home care services.These tasks are carried out based on an understanding of human needs and using learned knowledge and skills.The purpose of A Model Curriculum and Teaching Guide for the In- struction of the Homemaker-Home Health Aide is to assist agencies, educational institutions and other groups to plan, organize and provide the initial training needed by homemaker-home health aides.


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