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So this sudden surge of modesty, which makes the most immodestly dressed of twentysomethings fidget to cover herself up, is an instinct as old as our species.

She is saying more attractive mating material may admire me — but not you. For if this week has one lesson to teach us, it is that men who comment on women’s physical appearance in this modern age do so at their utmost peril — and no matter that most of us are biologically programmed to notice and think about such matters every day of our lives.

Or perhaps all men my age should be compelled to wear blinkers in public places.

Old biddies can sit on the Tube, nudging each other and tittering, positively twinkling with admiration of a strapping young backpacker in shorts.

This is a very unfair world, he was trying to say, in which women blessed with cover-girl looks get an easy ride — and that’s bad. And no amount of legislation, or threats of sackings, will change that fundamental fact about human nature — or stop most men from thinking that Maria Sharapova is a degree more pleasing to look at than Marion Bartoli, though the latter may be better at tennis This was greeted by the gay rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, with only a qualified welcome.

But you, Bartoli, have shown that you are better than the lot of them. For he complains that there are six ‘discriminatory aspects’ in which the new legislation differs from the separate Marriage Act 1949, which governs heterosexual unions.Indeed, I’m beginning to feel sorry for Mr Tatchell.It must be maddening for him that the Government keeps capitulating to his demands — first civil partnerships, now gay marriage — because this means he constantly has to think up new grievances to keep his anger alive.One thing a chap can’t help noticing in this heat is the quantity of female flesh on display, much of it easy on the eye.Everywhere you look in London — on the streets, in the parks and on the Underground — young women in the minutest of miniskirts and hot-pants are flaunting their golden limbs.Yet they never attract the slightest censure — least of all from the backpacker himself.No coy covering up of washboard abdomens or tugging down of the hems of shorts.But for many summers now, I’ve noticed something less pleasing: when these gilded girls suspect a man of my age of glancing at their legs (and old habits die hard, even at 59), a look of affronted modesty crosses their faces.But if you will walk around a teeming metropolis with practically nothing on, you really can’t expect to pick and choose whose appreciative glances you attract.First, dear old John Humphrys found himself in hot water once again, after Mishal Husain’s appointment as one of his co-presenters of the Radio 4 Today programme alerted everyone to how he described her on an edition of Celebrity Mastermind in 2010.And now John Inverdale, the sports presenter, is in even deeper trouble for what has been taken as the opposite offence of suggesting that the Wimbledon singles champion, Marion Bartoli, may be less than a cracker to look at.


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