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The exception is with quantity of information, not quality.

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So writing a good profile really is vital for success.Your online dating success is partly dependent on your ability to capture the interest and imagination of others through the words you write.While the task of writing a good online dating profile may be daunting for many people, it just takes a little time, effort, and know-how.On the other hand, if it’s too short they won’t see the full picture, and may not be tempted, so aim for a happy medium. Many people simply don’t respond to profiles without one – would you? Don’t worry that someone you know will see it– after all, the only way they would see it is if they too are looking for someone online!If there is the facility to record an audio file, use it.If you like films, talk briefly about your two favorites - and why they are.This will tell people much more about you than “I love movies.” Avoid anything negative in your profile – unless it’s something that’s a real deal-breaker for you.For example, if you passionately hate cats to the extent that you couldn’t date someone with one, it’s sensible to say so.If there are moral, religious or social factors which are important to you, that would be “deal-breakers” in deciding whether to meet someone or not, make sure you mention them - positively.Either use a username which is significant and says something about you (e.g.“Tigress”), or one which is anonymous, such as “Jane2435”.


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