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Any time the story branches, the user will have the ability to alter what happens.

Any time the story branches, the user will have the ability to alter what happens.

If you have already unlocked some of these and your score does not automatically update the next time you sign into Xbox Live, I would suggest first recovering your Gamertag on your Xbox and seeing if that helps.

If not, try starting a new character and re-earning the achievements.

The Keep scans the linked account to check for any pre-existing Wardens or Hawkes, but if there aren't any, there will be an option to choose from a selection of pre-defined heroes.

Once the protagonists from the previous games have been selected, an animated video, narrated by Varric, describing the events of the previous installments will play.

In both cases you will need to go into the tapestry to choose what you did in that play-through / world state.

So if you're having trouble getting your characters imported, remember the only difference will be visual (mostly the 2D portrait), and the most important thing is set up the world state itself that you want to use in Inquisition.If you're looking more for general information on what the Keep is and what it does, check out the Dragon Age Keep FAQ.If you are having trouble importing from the Keep to Dragon Age: Inquisition, see this section of the page. You could do nearly the same thing in the Keep by choosing a default hero matching your character's race and class.If the achievements won't save for you after this update, simply delete the checklist by hitting the Red X from the "My Checklists" page and then re-enable and re-add all your achievements and it should be fine. Master of the Peak 25 Completed "Soldier's Peak" (Warden’s Keep DLC) Secret Achievement 25 Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement."Two centuries ago, the Grey Wardens were expelled from Ferelden amidst a storm of blood and betrayal.The Dragon Age Keep will be where all of our game decisions are stored from now on for import into Dragon Age: Inquisition and forward.If you're here, then you're probably having trouble getting your characters from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 to show up in the Keep - and if so, read on.Hell, Magna Carta 2's EU version is still broken going on three weeks now!Anyway, all that can be put aside now as the game has officially been updated on with four new achievements, and this should fix any issues of unlocking and getting points from them.The four achievements are split between two launch-day add-ons, one normal and one secret totalling 50 points for each.The first is Warden's Keep which can be purchased for 560 MSP.


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